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We finally released our store.
You earn store credits just by voting for server!

Join discord for more information.

AntiPay2Win is the way to go with Stellar-MC

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Introducing the Astonishing Evolution of Stellar-MC Survival 1.20.1


Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey as we unveil the rebirth of Stellar Survival, now adorned with a spectacular transformation. With the ingenious collaboration of DreamDevelopment, we proudly present an all-new Survival Map that brims with an abundance of remarkable features and enhancements.


Immerse yourself in a world of novelty with a myriad of enhancements:


🌟 Fresh Graphical User Interfaces: Navigating the immersive world of Stellar Survival has never been this intuitive. Our redesigned GUI menus provide a seamless and engaging experience, elevating your gameplay to new heights.

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Hey Guys as Promised before Stellar-MC. We will be back with New Survival MAP based on 1.20.1
There have been major changes on how login worked on Stellar-MC before.

I made a decision to stick with the name Stellar-MC because I like the fact that our old
community members shows up every once in a while.

We finally moved on from Auth-ME an authentication plugin which we used for 4 years.
It was known to have some security issues and It required many additional work around to get
Crossplay working at the same time.
With this new approach overall network stability will be much better.
More info on Survival 1.20.1 will be released soon.
For now you can still enjoy Survival 1.19.4

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Hey guys we had a great 1.18-1.19.3 Map
Now it's about time and we released fresh new Survival map based on MC version 1.19.4
Join today!
Don't forget it is cross platform compatible.
MCMMO Ranks and AntiPay2Win for the win!

IP: play.stellar-mc.com

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